Meet Our 2021 Bombshell Babes


Lauren H.

Howdy! The name is Lauren H. I’m from Washington state, the great PNW!
My ride is a Jeep on 44 TSLs, Rockwell axles, hull hydro steering and a tuned 5.3 LS swap! My go-to off-road spot is usually Elbe Hills ORV, I’m a lover of rocks and mud. My happy place is deep in the woods with a good trail and good people. 
Stay rowdy!
Lauren H. @honey_badger_360

Tiffanie H. 

She is from MinneSNOWta. She grew up with powersports (Boats, ATV, snowmobiles, Jetskis) and a demolition derby family (she actually drove in a derby for the first time at the age of 14!!), which led her to fall in love with the feeling of the adrenaline rush behind the wheel/handlebars at a young age. After college graduation she landed her dream job working for the largest marine and powersports dealership in the state of Minnesota, which encourages her to live fast, ride pretty each and everyday. 
Her grocery-getter is a 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee. During the winter months she is behind 'bars' on a 2021 Ski-Doo 850 Backcountry XRS. Last but not least, she drives offroad a -built not bought- 2019 Can-Am Maverick X3 Turbo R XDS. 
Tiffanie Hoops @hoopstiffanie

Julie H.

Hi! I’m Julie H, aka @aquajeepgirl on IG.
I’ve been living in AZ for the last 15 years but am born and raised in Philadelphia. I drive a 2018 Jeep Wrangler JLU Sport S, 6-speed.
My favorite places to ride are in Sedona, the San Juan mountains of CO and Moab! Rocks and scenic trails are definitely my favorite!!
This is a photo from my favorite trail in Moab-Metal Masher!!
Julie H @aquajeepgirl


Leah P.

Hi! I’m Leah P. I live outside of Pottsville, Pennsylvania the home of Yuengling beer! I have a 2020 Jeep Wrangler Willys edition, and my boyfriend has a 2004 Jeep rubicon and 2019 Yamaha YXZ which I consider mine, (haha)!
I love everything about off-roading. My favorite memories would have to be going out all day long in the summer and ending the day at a swimming hole. My favorite place to ride is Famous Reading Outdoors. I live about 5 minutes from it so it’s super convenient and I think it has the best trails around. 

Leah P @Leah_purcell


Sarah B.

Hey Bombshell world! My name is Sarah B. currently living in Sweet home Alabama. You can find me cruising the backroads in my 2017 Jeep Wrangler named Wanderlust, or on the trails with my Kawasaki KLX140. I’m constantly searching for views that take my breath away, so come follow Wanderlust and I on our next adventure.

Kearsten C.

I’m Kearsten! Born and raised in beautiful Oregon. I drive a Toyota Tacoma, ride a Honda trx450 and occasionally a RZR 1000xp. You can always find me on the sand dunes or in the mountains seeing what kind of trouble I can get myself into! 

Kearsten C - @krstn_ck


 Amanda H.

Hello! My name is Amanda and I'm from Central Texas y'all! I own a 2015 tank green JKU Rubicon named Greenie Weenie. I enjoy the trails at Hidden Falls Adventure Park and cruising any dirt road. My friends say I'm funny, loyal, and a ray of sunshine. I say I'm just trying to live my best life.


Krista D.

Hi there, my name is Krista. I am a veterinary assistant by day and a bombshell babe by night (but really, I rep my gear in all my free time). I love spending my free time offroad in my truck Snow White. My favorite place to take her is Naches, WA. 

Krista D. - @kristaboots


Megan R.

Hey! I’m Megan R, from Pennsylvania. I drive a 2020 Bikini Pearl Jeep Wrangler, her name is Mer Meg. My favorite memory (so far) is a family road trip to Tennessee for the 2020 Smoky Mountain Jeep Invasion. We got to drive the Tail of the Dragon, crawl through Cades Cove, and meet so many other Jeepers. The views were breathtaking and the memories with the fam will always be treasured. My favorite local off-roading spots are AOAA and Rausch Creek. 

Megan R.


Hallie C.

Hey! My name is Hallie C. and you can catch me cruising around the gorgeous Pacific Northwest in my 2015 Jeep Wrangler! Any chance I get i’m either out wheeling, getting muddy, climbing over rocks or snow wheeling!
Hallie C. @thatredheadhallie


Samantha V.

Hey y’all my names Samantha V. Born & raised in Northern Cali. I’m a blessed mama of two wild children who will absolutely follow in my foot steps of being obsessed w anything with a motor. My life consists of riding, racing and hunting. I couldn’t be happier to be apart of a family who supports all woman riders ! One of my favorite riding spots is called Indian Valley trails for days upon views like no other!  Grip it and rip it! 
Sami V. - @mrsvance67


Morghan M.

Hey! My name is Morghan M. I am a third year Bombshell Babe from the northwestern corner of New Mexico. While we do have some world class rocks in my backyard Moab is my favorite place to go wheeling. I love that there is something for everyone’s level of experience there. Plus, the scenery is beautiful! I daily drive a 2012 Jeep Wrangler. Her name is Clementine but she was just recently nicknamed “momcrawler” after the birth of my first child. Currently my “momcrawler” is sitting on a 2” lift with 35s. I have hoping to upgrade her axels, lower her gear ratio and get her on 37s. Folow us on instagram

Morghan M. @morghan13


Amber B.

Hey!! My name is Amber B. I was born and raised in the Great Lake state of Michigan. As a kid I grew up on a farm, which taught me so much! I wheel a two door JK. She’s my 6th Jeep and there will most definitely be a 7th. To clear my mind I like to trail ride, sometimes daily and I love to hike. I’m most at home in the woods whether it be in my Jeep or my hiking boots!

Amber B. @sweetjeepster


Shannon H.

Hey I am Shannon H. I am from Southern Oregon. I have a few different things I drive but my most favorite is my 98 4runner (named beauty). I wheel all over our area with my amazing family/friends. One of my most favorite spots is right out my back door, called Quartz Creek. It has a beautiful view of the city both day and night. I love to offroad, camp, fish  and just being outdoors.

Shannon H @hartmanadventures


Morgan L.

 Hey there! I’m Morgan L. Born and raised in beautiful Sonoma County CA. I drive a 2015 Jeep Wrangler Sport. My favorite local off-roading locations are Cow Mountain in Mendocino/Lake County and Knoxville OHV in Napa County. I’m still learning the capabilities and limitations of my Jeep, but I love getting down and dirty, and I’m always up for a challenge. If I’m not in my Jeep, you can find me and my dog at the beach on a river, lake, or at the ocean. My other outdoor hobbies are hiking, biking and camping, so this California Jeep Girl wants to remind you to “leave it better than you found it!”

Morgan L - @girl_in_a_jeep


Candace O.

Hello! My name is Candace O. I am a first year bombshell babe from the southwestern corner of the states, (also known as Arizona). I definitely enjoy living in this corner of the map, from October to March you can catch me out at Glamis sand dunes, but any time in between dune season, I love to enjoy a good night desert ride, trip up north but more than likely you can find me out at the lake all through the summer (Arizona problems). I drive rzr’s, Jeep’s, dirt bikes, three wheelers, anything with a motor! We actually built my atc 70 on our kitchen island. My atc 70 is one of my most prized possessions. Feel free to check it out on my Instagram! I have two kiddos and a fiancé we are definitely a proud gear head family! 

Candace O


Ariel E.

Hey y'all! I'm Ariel, from middle Georgia, but I was born in Wisconsin. This is my second year being a bombshell babe! I have a driveway full of old Fords. I daily an 07 F150 & my current project is my '90 Bronco. I teach middle school English, but my biggest passion is old trucks. I grew up working in the shop with my dad & brothers, building cool trucks & running them down back roads. I grew up riding dirt bikes & still rip around every now & then. I love riding 4 wheelers & side by sides with my family & my friends. The mountains or a good old dirt road are my favorite places to ride. I love being part of this inspiring community of uplifting women and being able to inspire other women in turn. 

Ariel E @farmgirlford


Brittney R.

My name is Brittney R. I drive a 2018 Jeep Wrangler JLU, I’m from Maryland, right outside of DC. My favorite place to take my Jeep is the beach. I have spent the last 3 years modifying “coral” to look pretty but her alter ego is Megan the Stallion. I’ve enjoyed the Jeep life and have met a ton of great people who have become like family, including my bombshell offroad girls.

Britt R. @coralcrusher_JL


Morgan C.

My name is Morgan C! I'm from Hollister, California born and raised. I work as a 911 dispatcher for living and on my off days you can catch me adventuring in the mountains! My main off road love is ripping through single track trails on my KTM 200 two stroke and if you can't find me there, I'm most likely cruising my 4 Runner with my two copilot labradors in the back seat! I also love hiking, snowboarding, shooting, making go pro videos and researching 4 Runner mods for my TRD Off Road! Anything from two wheels to four wheels, I love seeing where the rubber takes me. Adventure awaits, go find it!

Morgan C


Miranda H.

Hi y’all! I’m Miranda H. from the great state of Washington. I drive a 1999 Toyota Tacoma. I also rip around in the sand on quads whenever I get the chance! One of my favorite moments from wheeling is after i had done a run in Tahuya ORV park my fiancé turned to me and said “you effin killed that, babe!” Excited for what the year ahead will bring me and my truck! 

Miranda H @miranda_hinkle


Deanna M.

Hey Y’all! I’m DeAnna M from Columbia, NH, however a lot of people know me as Beautiful Chaos. I currently off-road with my 2015 Jeep Wrangler JKU and my Arctic 700 SXS. One of my all time favorite rides is chasing sunsets across the mountain tops throughout North Country!
Deanna M @beautiful_chaos4X4