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What is Bombshell Offroad?

Bombshell Offroad is a Women's offroad clothing & apparel company. 
Live Fast, Ride Pretty is our motto... For ALL women who want to live life in the fast lane, and look pretty while doing so. Who doesn't want to look cute in the drivers seat of their rig?
Whether you ride quads or 4-wheelers, Jeeps, mud trucks, race cars, dirt-bikes, side-by-sides, Toyota's, Ford's, Chevy's, Dodges, and more, this is the brand for you! There is something for everyone!

As Bombshell Offroad continues to grow, we strive to ensure that this brand is for every body, in every size, shape and form. Selecting our brand means there has been a lot of thought put in what items we carry. Do the items fit everyone? Can they get this in a bigger size, not shown on the website? The answer is almost always yes, and if you don't know, we respond pretty quickly to answers about sizing and questions on the fit of the gear.

What began as a part time, fun clothing brand, has flourished into a full-time, offroad clothing brand. Bombshell Offroad strives to continuously bring new designs and fresh ideas to the table.
As Bombshell has evolved into what it is today, we would be nothing without our 65+ ambassadors, our "Bombshell Babes" are all over the United States and Canada! They have helped grow Bombshell Offroad in the women's offroad clothing brand it is today. Apply to be a Bombshell Offroad Babe!
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